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Integral Projects for monitoring and control of new solar plants. Symphonic monitoring system 2019

We develop a complete project and a measure, covering all communication, monitoring and
control needs, adapting at all times to the requirements of your contract (EPC, PPA, etc.)

Monitoring projects of solar plants already built.

Adapt our efficient monitoring system to existing solar plants, guaranteeing minimum
investment and maximum benefit..

Operation platform for plant maintainers

Reduce costs and efforts in maintenance. Grow your photovoltaic plant maintenance
company with our unattended monitoring system.

TTR and Regulation of solar plants

Sending Real-Time Telemetry (TTR) to the System Operator and Power Regulation in Real
Comply with RD 413/2014 and do not lose the premium.

Monitoring of solar rooftops

Control your small or medium PV investment for very little money per month

Control and Monitoring of Self-Consumption and Pumping Systems

We monitor your installation of self-consumption or pumping for a minimum cost. We
analyze each particular case with a solution adapted to your needs and your investment

Monitoring and control of solar installations

Symphony Monitoring System

Comprehensive monitoring and control projects for large solar plants

Power Plant Controller

Regulation system of photovoltaic plants to comply with the
requirements of the different electricity companies in Europe, United States and Africa.

Operation System Tools.

set of monitoring utilities that we have developed thinking about the companies that maintain solar plants.

Rooftops Monitoring System

tool that allows us to maximize the performance and monitoring of roofs / roofs.

Solar pumping

System for monitoring solar pumping systems.

Monitoring and remote control of Autoconsumo

Control your small or medium PV investment for very little money per month.

TTRM and Real Time Telemetry Regulation

100% reliable software that will give you the peace of mind you need when complying with legal requirements.

Solar installation communications

We offer you a solution to your communication problem in your solar plant.


We include the monitoring of the following equipment:

• Investors
• Accountants
• Weather stations
• Control boxes / Series
• Followers
• Transformation Centers

New version of solar monitoring

In this 2019, we have published a new version of Solar Monitoring, based on the demands of our customers of all these years.

Ask us for a demonstration visit

You will see it attractive, powerful, usable, friendly and very simple to use.

Compliance with the PPA regulations

Compliance with any PPA, EPC contract or requirements document required.

Solutions for solar installations

Through DELTATEC we aim to make available to the most demanding users, variety and innovation in our services, always gathering three characteristics, quality, good price and speed. For this we have a team of specialists in the sector of solar installations, endowed with the best training.

Thanks to our experience in the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic plants, we have been able to develop a series of useful and dynamic monitoring tools that allow analyzing and solving the usual problems of all kinds that we have been finding and solving in all the installations of our customers.



At Deltatec We have specialists in the field of solar installations, endowed with the best training.
“Excelente el software Rooftops Monitoring System lo implementaron para mi tejado solar, he optimizado muchísimo su rendimiento.” Jorge Gutierrez

“They offer a great service with excellent workers, I have no complaints about my investment.” Jesús Fernández

“With its software I have managed to optimize the consumption and save costs of my installation to a great extent.” Pedro Medina


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