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Monitoring of the Portfolio of several photovoltaic plants throughout the country. These plants are owned by the IThaka Investment Fund.

We control about 30 MW located in Zaragoza, Granada, Sevilla, Extremadura and Cadiz. In these installations, we have the version of our SYMPHONY MONITORING system 2019 for parks that were already built.

With the minimum investment, we had to adapt the solar parks to a modern monitoring system. The objective: to reduce maintenance costs and meet the requirements of new regulations.

Improved communications, installed new equipment, placed our heart element of the system (Symphony Box). With all the above, the control of the plants of this portfolio is now in real time and the staff for maintenance is the minimum.

In all plants it has been necessary to install a TTR system (Real-time telemetering). In addition, in one of them, it has also been necessary to install an active power regulation system, so that REE can send slogans to the plant at any time and without the need for human intervention.